Love Deserves Your Care

What you care most about deserves your attention. Your love affair should be one of them. If you live with someone, shared a love ceremony with them or decided to have children together, I encourage you to keep the magic alive. If you're doing this, then terrific but if you don't feel like the spark is there, you can turn it around and it will feel great.

The following are three key concepts to keep in mind to achieve this:

Seems so obvious but consider that your relationship is a central part of YOUR healthy life. To stay healthy you need to pay attention. Of course there are other commitments and responsibilities but your love affair and the person you spend your life with merits your time and affection too! To keep anything healthy and vital, it needs attention, care and focus. If you recognize that you need to give your love relationship more attention, make the decision and do the following:

What happens for some of my clients is they forget to treat their spouse kindly. Or avoid dealing with part of the relationship that isn't working. Instead of avoiding, starting loving again. Even if the honeymoon feels like a distant memory, make time to heal the problems. Disagreements or annoyances are normal but the key to relating beautifully is airing out the grievances. To get to a real resolution, don't try to 'win' the battle. Instead, agree together that you want to listen to one another and compromise where needed. Be a leader in the quest for a peace and a middle ground.

Sex is an important aspect of relationship. If it isn't happening, do something! Discuss the issue and open up about what you think is the challenge. Then work on building a new pattern and take charge of making it happen. Enjoy the fun; it's what makes this relationship different than all the rest. Sex brings people together, literally and emotionally. It isn't the solution for all issues but making a priority will better connect you.

Go for it! Give your love.

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