Building A Better World In Your Head

In October, I wrote a post about recognizing one's thoughts and making a effort to shift it towards joyful ideas when you recognize that your thoughts are 'somewhere else'. I wrote:

One of the ways I tell my clients to shift their 'upsets' -- the upsets that manifest as doubt, worry and self pity -- is to change the channel on their radio. I like to think that the thoughts in our head create our own personal radio. It's what you hear day in and day out, right? Instead of listening to the 'upset', 'doomsday', 'pity party' show, switch the 'channels' and tune into all the grand and small gifts in your life. Once you do it, bam(!), your mental and physical load lightens.

So how do you do this? Here are tips and reminders:

Our mind is like a busy seaport with people and boats departing and docking. These are the ideas, emotions and stories cruising around in our head. But unlike the seaport scene, you can make clear decisions what ideas have 'mileage'.

Recently, I went to Houston to visit family that I rarely see. Immediately I sensed that my long lost cousins and aunt were similar and familiar to me. They are warm and loving people and their personalities truly reflected mine. I recognized it as part of my bloodlines 'emotional culture' and proclivity. Knowing how you 'swing' and specifically what thoughts zip around in your noggin is important.

When you notice the thoughts, beliefs and ideas chirping in your mind, you will notice lots of contradictions. "My spouse is great, " and "That man doesn't do enough for me" may pop up within a few minutes on each other. Or professionally, maybe you hear yourself say, "I love my job," but also "Is my work really what I should be doing?". This is very funny, human and NORMAL.

In the 1980's, I was a big fan of the Solid Gold television show with Dionne Warwick, aerobic style dancing, gold jumpsuits, etc. Anyway, pick the thoughts that are the solid gold ones and listen to them! Of course, they should be truthful but when it comes to the radio station you listen to day in and day out, choose the one that offers you pleasant and positive atmosphere, this is the solid gold.

If you would like more help following your own solid gold, please arrange a coaching consultation!