What Do You Want For 2016?

I've been thinking about 2016 and what I want to create in it. I have a process that works. It's a straightforward recipe that gets me in the groove of making what I want happen. If you follow it, it will work for you as well.

Here are the steps. Ask and answer the following questions:

1. What feeling do I want to create in a specific part of my life?
Begin by writing a quick paragraph answering this question. Be free and be as truthful as possible. Then reread the paragraph and extrapolate the key emotion expressed. Don't overthink this, go with the emotion that comes to mind first.

For example, a client of mine wanted to find love in 2015. She wrote a paragraph and during our discussions it was clear that a key emotion she wanted in this part of her life was compatibility.

2. What actions will develop this emotion?
Make a list of actions that you are willing to take that would align you with the emotion you want. Then prioritize the list by what would be most effective. The most effective action is where you start.

Back to my client who wanted to find love -- she took a variety of actions to find someone who she felt was truly compatible for her. The most effective action was creating a great online profile and consistently connected with interesting men on dating sites.

3. What are your obstacles?
Create another list of what you think is in the way of you having your desired emotion. There may be a lot on your list and that's okay. These are simply the challenges you need to face to get to where you want to go. But consider that these ideas only have power, if you let them. For each obstacle, devise a way to combat it. Additionally, give yourself a motivator to stay on track. Pick a 'prize' that you will gift yourself for each week that you don't give in to your obstacles. Accept that there will be moments when you do get sidetracked but get back in the game quickly! Claim your badassness!

Like everyone, my dear client had a group of obstacles that were inhibiting her from taking action. We came up with ways to manage them and she was pretty fantastic about squashing them. She wasn't perfect but that's not what we are going for. She got back into it when she fell off from time to time.

4. Can you stay motivated and committed?
Yes! Create a plan and get a teammate. Your plan needs to be specific but gradual. Identify the micro-steps needed to achieve your actions. Give each micro-step a deadline date. Put these in your calendar, make reminders in your online scheduler and stay the course. Tell your teammate what you are doing and ask them to be your support system. Arrange a weekly call or email check in with them. Be consistent about these. During these calls, share what you are doing and going to do based on your plan. This step will help you stay motivated and committed.

And my client...She found a wonderful man who she was very compatible with! There were times when she felt discouraged but reconnected to the feeling she really wanted to create for herself and also had the faith to continue to go after it. She was patient and stayed committed. Woohoo!

If you want to create something new for yourself in 2016, please arrange a free coaching consultation.