Finding Light in the Cracks

There are cracks in everything, that's how the light gets in. - Leonard Cohen

A friend of mine sent this thoughtful quote to me a few months ago. It's a great reminder that in times of mild or great upset, we can learn to seek out and find the lesson or 'the light', in it. This is a truly radical act of self love.

Our paths are winding, up and down, never linear, but undoubtedly providing great insight. We have the opportunity to discover the deeper meaning within the stories of our life. In my role as a coach, I adore helping others find the light in their cracks.

Here is a brief story of a client, a brave woman.

A profoundly tragic event occurred when she was pregnant and about to give birth to her first child. Horrific, miserable and deeply traumatizing, her baby was stillborn. Nothing could be worse. She healed some of that gaping wound prior to our work. She forged onward; she got pregnant and gave birth two more times. Her children are beautifully healthy.

During the years that we worked together, her sadness didn't diminish but she was able to loosen the grip of self blame. In this, she profoundly affirmed life and love and honored her loss. Her courage enabled her to find space to accept her experiences and provide great care to her family.

If you have the need to find some light, please schedule a free coaching consultation.