Individual Coaching

We collaborate on a comprehensive plan for reaching your true goals and deepest wishes.  Through a process of weekly phone or video calls, your feelings will shift positively towards empowerment and clarity. My role is to guide, motivate and support you so that you uncover your greatest potential and desires.  I work with clients on issues related to relationships (love, marriage, divorce, parenting), eating and food, and life balance.

Women's Groups 

I facilitate groups in the form of heartfelt sharing and listening based on my Council training. In these sessions, individuals contribute stories and reflections based on a topic or question. Within this process, connections develop amongst the participants while inviting meaningful shifts within their individual lives. Through this practice, a trusting community is created and personal clarification, understanding and synthesis grows.  

Mindful Eating 

I lead clients to radically transform their relationship with their bodies. Mindful eating is a groundbreaking approach to resolving emotional and binge eating. This practical and proven strategy creates a significantly healthier, happier and sustainable form of eating and living.

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In our 60-minutes consultation, I'll offer you personalize insights and you'll gain a clear understanding of my coaching approach. Find out if we are a good fit. I hope so.

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