Are You Having Enough Fun?

A dear client of mine was having a hard time and couldn't find balance in her life. She was working a lot, late into the evenings on weekdays and most weekends. She was stressed out, over eating, missing her family and feeling like she could never get a handle on all the work she had to do. The 'fun' part of her life was basically partitioned to the rare family vacation when she would unplug, relax and do nearly nothing. This was not enough fun and we made a practice of having more play in her life (sounds good, right?).

This is because fun is essential; it's obvious that making time for it gives us pleasure and enjoyment. It can't be ignored or pasted off as indulgent, frivolous or child's play. There are so many benefits -- stress release, cooperation, creativity, brain stimulation, and mind and body refreshment. Also, play is not productive but for being goofy. Yeehaw!

Another benefit of fun is it helps people get unstuck from whatever emotional or situational funk they are in.  Thoughts about the past and future dissipate and instead people become connected to the present moment. Laugh and loosen up; this feels really good! Fun gives us freedom and links us to our essential joyful selves.

Having a ball helps us find our flow. Flow experiences offer us a new point of view that can alter how we see other aspects of our life. And the afterglow of a really fun time is a sense of wholeness, completeness and deep satisfaction. Oh boy, and it helps us open the door to our dreams, whatever that may be.

1. Decide it is important to integrate fun in your life.

2. Pick one activity that you really truly get fun out of.

3. Recognize the obstacles that inhibit you from doing it. Be real with yourself.

4. Whatever the obstacles are come up with a simple tactics to switch it up. Don't believe the obstacles! For example, if your obstacle is you don't have time for it, decide that you will do it for only X number of minutes a week. Then every Sunday night, you will schedule the X number of minutes for it in your calendar. And if perhaps, if you think it's indulgent of you, read an article about how fun is vital to well being.

5. Make a strategy that will work for you. Don't ask yourself to commit to it in a way that is difficult. Fun shouldn't be difficult. Pick an amount of time in your week that feels reasonable for you to do it. You can add on to this as you go. Also, it's best to ask someone to join you on a fun parade as you will be more likely do show up if a buddy is counting on you. Think of ways to keep yourself accountable so you'll do it.

6. Go have some real good fun.