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You can have find deep fulfillment in your life. My role is be your guide and support this process. We will work together to uncover your most meaningful objectives and truths and as a result, you will experience profound personal satisfaction and empowerment. My practice is called Big Heart because our collaboration will enable you to create your most heartfelt wishes. I promise!

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The Coaching Process 

The process of working together one-on-one is rich and productive. The following describes my approach:

  • We start with your challenge and goals. We discuss what you want to 'produce' and how you want to feel as you move toward your goals. This 'feeling' aspect is crucial because it connects to your most deep desires.
  • Then we create a practice that moves you to your specific objective.  During this, we discuss the obstacles that you experience and strategically design tactics and strategies to address them. 
  • Between our calls you to continue towards your goals. I provide key tools assignments that propel you forward in your development and awareness.
  • My process is analogous to a tight hug -- I am with you, supporting and committed to seeing you through the challenges in your life. I remind you of your highest vision for yourself and stay focused on it for your greater good and deepest desires.


I have come to look forward so much to our calls and work. There were so many times the last years that I’ve been so thankful to have your support and guidance. I feel like such a better version of myself through the work we have done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Sarah H., Jackson Hole, WY
Working with Elaine changed my life! She helped me see how my eating and body issues were a reflection and product of my life issues. With her help, I began an amazing journey of self-reflection & introspection, and learned to speak my truth and find my authentic self. I developed self-trust & self-love allowing me to better trust others and develop more loving relationships. I can’t thank her enough!
— Sandy W., CT

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In our 60-minutes consultation, I'll offer you personalize insights so you can feel significantly better in your life. And you'll gain a clear understanding of my coaching approach. Find out if we are a good fit.

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