Stop Blowing It Off And Do It

Just 30 days ago, I began a challenge to write a blog post for 30 days straight. It knew it would help me reach more people and I love writing. But there were thoughts in my head that were negative; fleeting ideas that maybe I didn't know what to write about and concerns about what people might think.

I had the desire to do something daily that would connect my mission to help others in their life yet I also had conflicting feelings about doing it. The fear based chatter pops up when one is taking a risk, no matter how small or large it is. This fear could have stopped me from aligning with my true desire -- developing a writing practice. I could have blown off my desire and justified it by said that I was busy with other things. But I knew that it wouldn't actually be much of a time commitment AND I really knew I would love doing it. So I drop the worried thoughts.

A random email landed in my inbox offering the 30 blog challenge, and I jumped on it. I committed. I decided I was a YES and would do my best. On day 1, my worries petered out and I was flooded with excitement. I stopped thinking about starting it and was actually doing it. It was another reminder that the anticipation and hesitation to start something new is much more difficult than actually staring and doing it.

So, I made time nearly everyday to write. I really enjoyed it. On some days, I would plan my post in advance and make some notes. Other days, I'd simply sit down and start freely jotting out ideas and sure enough, clarity would quickly come and then the post would be done. I admit that I skipped two days (but I plan to write two more posts in the next two days.)

If you really care about doing a project and it matters to you, don't blow it off. Decide you are going to do it as best you can and do it. Love the focus and the attention you are making for it. Tell others in your life so they can cheer you on. And feel the satisfaction that ricochets back when doing what is important to you and for being courageous to trying something new. You'll learn a lot.

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