Why Make Time For Quiet?

As a parent, spouse, coach, daughter, friend, yogi, cook, housekeeper (sort of), and NYC city dweller, life is full and fast. I love doing things. I like action and revelry but I also love my quiet alone time. The silence is awesome. This is when I settle in, it's my bridge to knowing what is right and true.

But I was a die hard extrovert mover and doer as a twenty something in NYC. I had a lucrative job so I could afford lots of the city's pleasures. And I had many friends nearby, none of us were parents or partnered. We zipped to art openings and danced our heads off at clubs and parties. It was loads of fun and adventure; I consumed as much external experiences and delights as humanly possible, I think. I was generally pretty darn happy although at times tragically tired. But so what, it didn't interfere with anything.

Then in the last fifteen years, all of us became grossly more connected with the Internet, cell phones, text messaging, social media and whatever else. And lots of my peeps had children and got married yet communicating was easy. So many of us have fight now to turn 'it' off and stop being connectivity addicts because the lure of the inbox or messages is strong and seductive, distracting and exhausting. My head zooms and jumps around like an Olympic leap frogger.

Now in my early forties, I have a different recipe of being. Sure, I'm up for a great night out sometimes and I'm very connected to my phone but now I feel joy in missing out (JOMO) on some stuff. I'd rather peaceout at home than run myself ragged. Being busy all the time doesn't feel right anymore instead I practice NOT being busy so that I can make quiet time to connect.

When I'm quiet, I tap into what I need and what is true for me. Sometimes I meditate and other times light a candle. In a bittersweet way, I speak with my dear deceased father and share with him what's up (he doesn't say much in reply). Sometimes I lay down and when I'm in the country I'll take a hike or jog. I do something alone and in quiet so that I can tune in. 

In order to grow or change, we have to make room by letting go of something else.

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