What Clients Are Saying...

Elaine is someone whom I immediately felt comfortable with and was able to pour my heart and soul out to. She forced me to face my realities with more honesty than I might be willing to otherwise, and always made me feel supported. Like a dear friend who cared, but could say what no one else was willing to.
— Laurie M., Atlanta, GA
A great listener and an inspiring motivator, Elaine skillfully helped me confront my fears and become a better version of myself.
— Anna G., Tornoto, Canada
I am grateful for your coaching and the invaluable strides I’ve made...Thank you for sharing your light, Elaine.
— Elizabeth W., Ohio
Working with Elaine changed my life! She helped me see how my eating and body issues were a reflection and product of my life issues. With her help, I began an amazing journey of self-reflection & introspection, and learned to speak my truth and find my authentic self. I developed self-trust & self-love allowing me to better trust others and develop more loving relationships. I can’t thank her enough!
— Sandy W., CT
I am so grateful for our time together and all of your support and wisdom in helping me to transform my life. I have made progress where I never thought possible. AND in so many areas…
— Amy P., Long Island City, NY
I am proud of our work together. I like myself so much more than I did when I first started working with you. Beyond liking myself more, I am proud of myself, which is not something I was expecting to come out of this work. But that feels so good and keeps me motivated.
— Anne, Washington D.C.
Elaine is an amazing coach, and I appreciate all the work we have done.
— Lorrie D., Southern California
I have come to look forward so much to our calls and work. There were so many times the last years that I’ve been so thankful to have your support and guidance. I feel like such a better version of myself through the work we have done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Sarah H., Jackson Hole, WY
I thank you for the work we have done, for the support and guidance you’ve given me and for the way you pushed me to work harder on myself. I feel as though I made progress in the short time we worked together, and I hope to use the tools you taught me to further my journey!
— Alyssa B., Atlanta, GA
I have valued you and our relationship. I have felt and received your support, guidance, insight, firmness and commitment to my process, and both you and I have seen how much it has helped me evolve. I really credit my work with you for all the positive changes and all the ‘revelations’ I have made this past year.
— Sharon Y., Brooklyn, NY
Thank you for helping me and all that you have done. You mean so much to me.
— Holly V., New York, NY
Your support and understanding have been fantastic. I really appreciate having worked with you.
— E.B., Lafayette, CA
It was you, your personal approach and our work together that really helped and pushed me in so many ways. I appreciate when you challenged me, called me on my bulls&*t, supported me and put in the extra time to talk to me.
— Ami P., Brooklyn, NY

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