Just Show Up

I didn't want to write my blog post of the day. I signed up to participate in a 30 day blog challenge. Today is day 9 and I actually forgot it until the evening. Then I started writing but blew it off to do other things. Then I was reminded that just doing it, getting it done, going the extra mile would make me feel better. I'd feel better not just in this very moment but the next day. And by getting it done now, it would significantly diminish the chances that I'd blow it off tomorrow.

People loose momentum sometimes when they challenge themselves. Once they 'go off track" they are much more likely to continue to stay off try because they perceive it as more challenging to get back into the game. So I'm choosing to just show up now and write this. It will keep me aligned with that I want to do and feel.

What happens when people 'go off track', they get used to not showing up for themselves in other areas of their life that matter to them. The pattern gets established. This is not to say that people have to strive for perfection. Not at all! But showing up to your best ability feels great for a reason - it's a push out of the comfort zone. It's an act towards something new and brave. We can change our patterns, if we really want to create change.

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