Move Away From Suffering

Struggles are inevitable, part of our human experience and existence. Each person’s dark days are dark, no need to compare who has it worse or better. People suffer about everything – their bod, marriages, careers, money, family, health, etc. There are a lot of facets of our lives and at some point, there will be heavy challenges to face. It’s what life is.

But the way we think and deal about it is the difference. A dear friend said to be last week that she considers big life challenges as opportunities to stretch and grow. Indeed! When we wade through the heaviness of the struggle, we can find a deeper understanding of life and the people in it.

In Bryon Katie’s book, Loving What Is, she expands on this idea. Her concept is we can’t change how things are yet we can change our thoughts about it. Amen. This perspective and corresponding actions are the tools to dramatically accept challenges and move away from suffering and hating.

Her are some actions you can take to get through a big struggle:

1.     Recognize that you have a crummy, annoyed, tight-in-my-chest feeling.
2.    Ask yourself if you’re ready to be over “it” to push forth to the ‘other side’.
3.    If so, then turn your attention to shifting.
4.    Reach out to trusted people in your life for support.
5.    Write out all of your thoughts in a way that feels you let it all out, the good, bad and ugly..
6.    Ask yourself a slew of questions about what you are willing to let go of to find resolve in the situation.
7.    Remind yourself that you need to get through the fire to find the next chapter. And that you, yourself, have your own back in the process.

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