Avoidance is the root of ill.

When you don't do what you *know* will make you feel good and free, you suffer. You suffer in various ways -- by feeling doubtful about yourself, by blaming someone else, by eating when not hungry, by wanting to 'escape'. Bottom line, this is all needless suffering and ultimately a distraction from what you truly want. Somehow it seems so reasonable and sensible to be upset, though. Thoughts may go something like: "He doesn't help me enough so I'm not where I need to be". "I'm miserable. All that will make me feel better is a great meal". "She really doesn't care". "He is such a faker". All of this is a battlefield, a fight filled with suffering. All you need to do is drop the drama-fest and stop avoiding what you know you want to do or need to say. Of course, this isn't always easy (but easy doesn't necessarily mean 'best'). I'm standing on my soapbox over here and beating the drum -- do the thing that you need to do (or get help from someone else who can support you in doing it).

Simple truth:
Stop avoiding what you know for sure will make you happier.