The Should Game should NOT be played.

It's a crappy game to play and we all know it! I'm referring to the Should Game. It's a rotten one, a trap. It goes like..."I should finish this...," "I should be more X, Y or Z...," "I should... I should... I should". Yuck! When you have big (or even little) decisions to make, choose not to play the Should Game. The best choices do not come from the Should Game. (Of course, there are responsibilities but that's different.) The question to ask yourself is --  "Does this feel right for me?". The Should Game does not take into consideration the *feeling of things*. If the soft message in your chest says, "No, this doesn't feel right," then bravely LISTEN TO IT and shut up the Should Game.

Simple truth:
Listen to the feeling of things and do your best to ignore the Should Game.