Tips To End 2015 With Joy

You can close the year 2015 gloriously happy.

It is possible to feel great joy in these final days, if you commit to one important focus.

I invite you to make these last 3 1/2 weeks of this year fantastic. It is likely that your schedule is packed with events, celebrations, festivities, gatherings, gift buying and giving, dinners, etc BUT that doesn't mean that you need to struggle through it whatsoever. Actually, you can feel terrific, joyful and proud.

Whatever you want to make happen that deeply matters to you is waiting for you. Maybe you want to slide into a favorite glam dress with ease and confidence for your New Year Eve party or yearn to feel connected and at peace with your spouse and family? Or maybe it is something else. Whatever deeply matters to you is worth the commitment to bring to fruition. Let go of the hesitation now and make yourself feel awesome by committing to it. Follow these very straightforward steps and bring your wishes to reality.

Follow these tips to end 2015 with joy:

  • Make A Vision
    It needs to be something that can happen in 24 days! It is okay if it's optimistic plan. It has to be something that really, really want and will give you a true glow of joy when completed. Don't set your sights on something of mediocre importance to you but something that really lights you up!
  • Write It Down and Share It
    Get it down in words. Use post-its and email reminders. Tell your best buddies. Sing it from treetops, if you can. It can be a simple sentence but make that sentence be a good one. It has to be the truth desire you have. Here are some examples: "I will feel radiant in my black jumpsuit on New Year Eve." "Family is going to be surrounded by peace, warmth and connection at our holiday dinner."
  • Know Why It Matters
    This is a central part of your success because it drops you into the more heartfelt reason for your efforts. It's possible that if you want to feel gorgeous (in your black jumpsuit), your impetus is because you want to commit a self care routine that brings you health and wellness? Or if you desire a connected family, it may be because you are most joyful when you feel free and relaxed with your peeps? Just zero in on why it matters and add that to your post-it and email reminders. And share this with your community as well.
  • Create A Plan
    This means spend 30 minutes or some time planning all the baby steps you need to take to get to your vision. Literally, write out one small, even tiny action, you will take each day before the December 31 in the service of your wish for yourself. You have plenty of time to get to where you desire, if you make it easy to do and do it consistently.
  • Do It And Get The Prize(s)
    Follow your plan. Be committed and religious about it. Feel the joy! And come up with an additional present that you will give to yourself when you complete your vision. Yes, you get a second reward. Why not?! It's the cherry on top and you absolutely should have that too.

    If you would like some support to end 2015 with joy, please schedule a free consultation.