Cleaning Up The Mess

When there are concerns or worries in your mind, it's a good time to clean house. Literally.

I tell my clients when they say life feels chaotic and overwhelming to organize and take stock of their stuff in their home. It's a great exercise for getting the mind clear as well. Why?

The act of pulling clothes off the shelves and accessing them for their need or value in your life is really analogous to the thoughts we have in our head. Do I wear this sweater anymore? Can I pass it to a friend who might enjoy it? This goes along with thoughts related to our lives -- why am I struggling with that person in my life? What can I do to clean that relationship up so it feels better and more comfortable?

What I do with my clients is create a step by step approach whereby we schedule a home clean up in stages. For example, a client of mine moves across country. She has a lot of decisions to make and was starting a new job. She needed to unpack and arrange her new life in a new home. We set a plan up that was designed in a way that she didn't feel overwhelmed. Remember piecemeal strategy is always the kindest -- not need to be a weekend warrior. The tail that I like to keep in mind, is the one away the tortoise beating the hare.

Same goes for mending relationships or situations causing strife. Step by step clean up is the best bet! Follow this plan and see how you feel afterwards -- probably more clear, clean and content!

1. Imagine the relationship or situation in it's really ideal and lovely form. Ponder how it feels to be with that person? Warm? Free? Close? Or maybe if it's a situation that is troubling you - you may want to feel appreciated, included or something else. Really, it's your call. Name it. I'd suggest writing this all down.

2. Then ask yourself how is the relationship or situation now. What is the real story about how it is currently? Write this down too and push yourself to see it for how it truly is -- not just a blame game or from the position that you have no part in why it is the way it is.

3. Call out the obstacals from how it is currently to what you really want, your ideal. Make a list of what is in the way.

4. Create a schedule for yourself AND create a prize for yourself that you get when you complete the schedule. Yes, you can gift yourself something. It will help you stay focused and excited to complete the 'clean up', where it is literal or metaphorical.

5. Do it! Love it! Enjoy the effort. Put music on, get others involved to help or support you. Really, you can totally do this. I believe in you!

If you need help getting stuff cleared up and feeling great, please arrange a free consultation.