Gaining More Fulfillment

Clients share that they aren’t fulfilled with their life. In our early discussions, I put together a picture of what they are doing in their days. Some are aware that they are pushing off activities that are meaningful to them but they don’t know how to change it.

In our work together we develop a plan to increase their happiness and satisfaction. We start with a through investigation of what they are literally doing with their hours. This information we use to evaluate their focusing on (and not). Once we have this information, we decide what to increase their time in days on and how and what to decrease time on.

Clients that want to feel more joyful about their body recognize that they aren’t putting time and attention into it or at least not enough of it. As they increase their exercise routine and create better eating patterns, they begin to better about their body and health. Adjusting a few patterns gives them feel a greater sense of fulfillment and control in their life.

A client of mine, who worked at home, struggled with productivity. One of the reasons was because she was often tired. We discussed her situation and it became clear that various home circumstances were inhibiting a restful sleep. These circumstances created a pattern of mild exhaustion so we changed to her routine and situation so to promote a restful sleep.

In addition, we created a clear set of deadlines for herself so she has a structure that keep her focused on the most important projects. This made significantly positive shifts in her sense of her fulfillment. She began to feel more joyful about how she was spending her day.

The truth is our lives are defined by how we use our time. Picking activities that support our happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction creates a truly meaningful life.