Create your great life.

I was never told, “It’s up to you to make a great life.” I had a sense of what I wanted but I didn't think of my life as something I could shape and create. Not until my late thirties.


Truth is I landed in this world in a spot of place with major gifts. I had all I needed to create a great (even extraordinary) life for myself. So, I decided to proved it to myself in a variety of ways. I scanned some of the central parts of my life -- motherhood, body, marriage, and career. And I shifted things around. I deliberately moved my worries about my child into an embrace of letting go of overblown, fear-based control. I switched from berating myself about not looking like a supermodel to deeply loving what I live in -- a healthy, radiant, beautiful body that has dutifully supported me each day of my 43 years. I reminded myself to relish the expansive ‘wonderfulness’ of my darling partner, who has been my most loyal supporter for over 18 years. I moved from a job that was interesting, familiar and reliable to a career that that aligns with my mission to profoundly serves my clients and my soul. Yeehaw!


You can absolutely do this too. It is totally within your capacity to have a great (and extraordinary) life. Here is the simplified approach:

1. Start by looking at part of your life that you are not satisfied with. Get clear and honest about it. Then write a paragraph defining the current state. Describe it from the point of view that you have created the current situation (vs. this situation happened to me).

2. Then write out your vision for what you truly want and desire for that part of your life. This paragraph should include the feelings you want to have not just the ‘what is it like’ detail.

3. Then compare the two paragraphs, the current situation and the vision you desire.  Figure out what you need to do to make this part of your life great. This is the path that you need to pave for yourself.

4. Once you know the steps to fulfilling your vision, you need support to make it happen. Ask your spouse, mother, neighbor or friend to keep you on track. Literally tell them what you are going to do. Create a goal. Own it. Love it. Be great about it! Most of all, know that once you make a commitment to shift, you will start to feel great about it. And then achieving the vision is the great cherry on the top.

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