A short letter to anger.

Dear Anger,
You are a force. For all of us, we harness you in tough moments, when what we thought was ours becomes obliterated. A blend of shock, humiliation and fear fills our world and then you come in. You create a rock in our chests. Imagine all those people on the streets of NYC, pissed, hurt, wronged. They feel your affect. They're mad! Mad at the other people walking to the train to get to work; maybe annoyed that someone didn't text them back or say the 'right' thing. Or mad about other serious situations. You create a state of -- 'Screw You All. You Screwed Me'. Thank you for your expression but I won't bow to you. We can unravel what is truth so you're not needed. We'll let you pass. Our new friend is creation. We are filling your space with possibilities.

Simple truth:
Discover the truth below the emotion.