Hiding out in coolness

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage - Anais Nin.

This favorite quote of mine reminds me of a wonderful client. When I first began working with her, I was taken by her calm coolness. She impressed me and it was clear that she was confident in her successful career and community but wanted a great love affair. For years, she had 'surface' relationships with men, ones where she was generally sharing only parts of herself. She was also picked men that didn't want or weren't available for the deep connection she truly desired.

When she relaunched her online dating profile, she explained that most of the men that contacted her were flaky and non-committal. Along with some other guidance, I asked her to be more 'out' about herself in her dating exchanges AND in her profile. I wanted her to stop hiding herself in a veneer of 'coolness' and sass. What she wanted in a relationship was warmth, excitement and intimacy and she was presenting the opposite.

She bravely took the leap to be open and honest in her communications, sharing more of herself and her personal hope and dreams. The strategy worked and she found a match, an adoring man that delighted her. She learned that exposing her essential and authentic hopes would lead her towards joy and fulfillment, possibility and opportunity.

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